Kim’s 30 before 30

Here’s to ditching the excuses, getting out of the comfort zone, living with no regrets, and being happy. Cheers to 8/27/14…the big 3-0!!!!!

1. Participate in a run/walk

2. Become a homeowner

3. Get some of my muscles back

4. Visit New Orleans

5. Spend a week at Grandma’s and take care of her like she’s always done me

6.  Send 5 “thinking of you” cards via US Postal not email

7. Not kill any of our houseplants

8. Take better care of my nails

9. Do regular DC site seeing

10. Take a photography class

11. Appreciate a yoga/meditation class

12. Learn to read a map

13. Take more pictures and actually get them printed

14. Go play paint ball with my family

15. Expand our family

16. Change my last name

17. Buy some artwork for our bare walls

18. Visit the west coast

19. Have a girls WEEKEND

20. Go with my hubby to NYC

21. Spend more time with special friends (at least quarterly quality time)

22. Read a book that isn’t a romance novel

23. Keep a gratitude journal for 30 days

24. Not let any of my paid time off expire (that means you have to stop being a workaholic and take a vaca) 

25. Start a personal Bible study

26. Learn to make tasty vegetarian dishes

27. Have a house warming party (must buy house first)

28. Go skiing

29. Go on a 26 mile bike ride with my cousin



It’s official, it only took me 11 months, but I’m legally a Smitty!!! Mr. Smith says it’s the best present he ever got.


30 before 30

Dawne’s 30 before 30 BABY!!!

1. Learn to play a guitar

2. Volunteer

3. Speed Date

4. Travel to an Island

5. Buy a home

6. Begin a Masters progam that my job pays for LOL

7. Go to a concert of an artist that I adore: Drake, Miguel, Alicia Keys for example

8. Run a Marathon

9. Read at least  one book every 2 months

10. Play Golf – 9 holes

11. Meet someone famous

12. Go to a event

13. Watch a movie outside

14. Go on a picnic with someone special

15. Become a more involved Aunt/God Parent

16. Continue working on my Natural Hair Forum

17. Attend a Natural Hair Expo

18. Horse Back Riding

19. Do an event on Groupon/Living Social

20. Jogg at least twice a week

21. Attend a cooking class

22. Attend a bartending class

23. Reflect/reminise on my 20’s

24. Compliment someone once a day that I dont know

25.  Jet Ski or Parasail

26. Go to church at least once a month/develop a deeper relationship with God

27. Go to the West Coast … Westsiddde!

28. Work towards starting a Natural Hair Care Business

29. Tell those I know how I feel (that I love them)…Family, Friends, etc

30. Live my life likes its Golden

Christina’s 30 before 30 must-do list!

SO glad I was invited to partake in this–it’s going to be really great! 

1. skydive (eeee!!)
2. hike Gunpowder Falls
3. run a half marathon (rock ‘n roll VA beach it is!)
4. grow a vegetable garden
5. rescue a puppy
6. renovate my kitchen
7. visit the Space Needle in Seattle
8. learn to crochet (and actually make something!)
9. join a skeeball team
10. complete alphabet restaurant game (started in Jan. with An Poitin Still & Box Hill Pizzeria; continue with C– ,etc.)
11. host a dinner party and use my new china
12. take a non credit course (cooking?… cake decorating?!)
13. read Harry Potter series (should have done this before I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where I learned butter beer slushies sure are tasty)
14. get a facial at a spa
15. have a picnic and watch planes fly over at BWI airport park
16. sand and refinish 2 pieces of furniture 
17. vacation in Charleston, South Carolina
18. go country line dancing 
19. do a drinking power hour
20. complete 5+ craft projects on my Pinterest board
21. ride on a segue 
22. go berry picking 
23. drive a golf cart 
24. go on a ride along with a police officer
25. volunteer at 5 events (a wine festival must be one!)
26. go to a movie by myself
27. drink around the world at Epcot
28. make grilled pizza
29. plant flowers for some much needed curb appeal on my street
30! scrapbook my first year of marriage 

bonus… beat Ashley in Ruzzle! 🙂

Green river, shamrock glasses and St Patrick’s Day in Chicago!

I just touched down in Chicago town (well on Friday March 15) for a weekend of friends, fun, fancy glasses and in celebration of St Patrick!  We had a few amazing meals at Cantina Laredo and Kinzie Steakhouse, tried deep dish pizza, saw the (neon) green river and maybe a leprechaun or two, went to the bean and got our culture on at the Field Museum.  What an amazing weekend and one I’ll never forget!


30 Things to Handle Before Blowing Out 30 Candles

  1. Go kayaking (I’ll be contacting Matt Diamond for a lesson)
  2. Complete a Tough Mudder (I want that orange headband so bad!)
  3. Bake a cake (from scratch)
  4. Start a blog (consider this crossed off)
  5. Read a book (you’re probably thinking one book? really? well those of you who know me and my disdain of black letters on a screen or 4×6 piece of paper know that this will be a challenge for me)
  6. Run a second marathon (I guess this means I’m committing myself; I’d be happy even if I don’t PR)
  7. Be a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding (March 22, 2014)
  8. Visit a winery I’ve never been to before (this should be pretty easy)
  9. Go Rock Climbing (at an indoor place)
  10. Visit a city I’ve never been to before (Newport Richie in May)
  11. Go to a professional sport game (any sport, any city… just a pro game)
  12. Try a new hobby (maybe jewelry making?)
  13. Renovate our kitchen (or my bathroom)
  14. Go on a picnic (Finally use one of our wedding presents)
  15. Go camping (I’ve only been saying I’ve wanted to do this for 5 years now)
  16. Go Ice Skating (at Rockefeller Center would be nice, but Richmond around Christmas time will suffice)
  17. Have professional family photos taken (I’m holding Coleman to this one)
  18. Go to a drive-in movie (this might be a hard find)
  19. Get pregnant (this might water down my 30th celebration a little but I don’t mind a bit)
  20. Conduct a complete random act of kindness (so someone else can pay it forward)
  21. Donate to NPR (I listen to it every day on the way home and feel so guilty during their membership drives)
  22. Start wearing contacts again
  23. Eat brussel sprouts
  24. Build up our savings account
  25. Go skinny dipping (I feel like it’s not acceptable to do this after the 20’s… so here’s to the last hoorah!
  26. Watch a scary movie (boy do I hate scary movies… facing my fears)
  27. Ride shotgun in a car with more than 3 passengers (eeeeek!)
  28. Play the lottery (I’ve never done this, and will need a lesson)
  29. Make Cauliflower crust pizza (I’ll share the recipe for anyone looking to go gluten free)
  30. Go to Las Vegas (Vegas Baby…. Vegas! (in my best Vince Vaughan voice))

Zipping around on my new bike!

I have been wanting a hybrid bike since last year but instead I continued to ride my rusty, 13+ year old bike. Well when I got a quote of how much it would cost to tune up that bad boy the price blew me out of the water, so I stopped riding “old rusty” but never got around to buying the new bike I needed and wanted!

Since the weather this past weekend was just gorgeous I was inspired to finally buy my bike! So here she is, my new, blue, riding machine! I was able to ride her around for a bit yesterday and I absolutely love it!


Now my list is down to 29 things to do before I turn 30! Can’t wait to see you ladies start crossing things off your list!

Ashley’s 30 Before 30

With my 29th Birthday not even a week behind me, I have exactly 359 days to complete my list of things small, big and everything in between. Cheers to all the ladies for making this year count! Here goes nothing…

1) Line Dance in Nashville
2) Bake 10 New Cupcake Recipes
3) Re-read the Harry Potter Series
4) Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding
5) Go to the Movies by Myself
6) Take a Photography Class
7) Walk the Entire National Mall
8) Play DC tourist for a day – open top sightseeing anyone?
9) Host A Dinner Party
10) Plant A Vegetable Garden
11) Try Bikram Yoga
12) Take a Pole Dancing Class
13) Run Warrior Dash
14)  Run the Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach
15) Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride
16) Go Horse Back Riding
17) Picnic at Skyline Drive in the Fall
18) Take a Vacation and while there do something I’ve never done before
19) Conquer My To-Do List of Painting and DIY Projects for Around the House
20) Read A “Classic”
21) Send a Present to a Solider
22) Complete Random Acts of Kindness
23) Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
24) Watch Gone with the Wind
25) Cook a Gourmet Meal 1x/month with my Husband
26) Spend More Time with my Grandfather
27) Take a Road Trip to Somewhere I Have Never Been Before
28) Make More “me” Time and Take Better Care of Myself.
29) Make a Photo Book of all my 30 Before 30 Accomplishments
30) Celebrate the Big 3-0 with Family and Friends!

Erin’s 30 before 30

Well, with my 29th birthday being next week, I will have exactly a year to cruise through my list.  Most of the things on my list have been on my mind for a while, so this is a great opportunity to hold myself accountable.  I can’t wait to see everyone start crossing things off!

1. Lead a 5.9 or higher sport route outdoors

2. Sky dive

3. Travel abroad (not sure where yet)

4. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

5. Shoot a gun

6. Climb at the New River Gorge

7. Put 10k more into my savings account

8. Go white water rafting

9. Grow herbs

10. Read Dune, finally.

11. Go mountain biking

12. Actually spend time thinking about the right Christmas gifts for friends and family

13. Start writing again

14. Be more organized

15. Go to Baltimore Aquarium

16. Do cardio at least three times per week

17. Climb a 5.11 clean at ET

18. Budget my money.  No, really.

19.One entire week with no dining out

20. Try Bikram

21. Waste less food

22. Catch a play on Broadway

23. Hike Old Rag

24. Start studying for SPHR

25. Take a bike maintenance class

26. Call Grandparents once a month

27. Try lobster

28. Visit Arlington Cemetery again

29. Talk/Visit family more often

30. Be more informed and involved in issues I care about


Although I have already hit my 30 year milestone I felt this was a great way to hold myself accountable for completing things to help enrich my life.  As my 31st birthday approaches quickly I am ready to take on this challenge with my fabulous younger (and beautiful) friends!  Thanks for letting me cheat. Bring it on…

1.  Mark off 30 vineyards from the map

2.  Buy a home
3.  Travel outside of the country
4.  Get a puppy
5.  Take a cooking class
6.  Volunteer my time
7.  Attend 3 races
8.  Lose 5 lbs
9.  Run 3 miles without stopping
10.  Attend 3 bikram yoga classes
11.  Donate half of my clothing
12.  See my niece and nephew at least 3 times a month.
13.  Watch an old classic movie
14.  Go out on the water at night
15.  Do something having to do with heights
16.  Pay off all credit cards
17.  Save $2,000.00
18.  Try a new form of fitness
19.  Go fishing…(FINALLY)
20.  Go to two museums in DC
21.  Paint/draw two pictures
22.  Watch a sunrise
23.  Go to an outdoor movie theater
24.  Fall in love again
25.  Drink wine outside next to a fire
26.  Go to pole fitness again and join Masters
27.  Hit quota 5 times
28.  Try 4 new recipes for juicer
29.  Host a family dinner at my house
30.  Try 5 Pinterest Crafts and 5 Recipes
31.  Go out with just my sister
32.  See a sporting event in another city

Andrea’s 30 before 30

Finally!!! There were so many things I wanted to put on my list but then I remembered this is not suppose to be a random wish list.

I composed my list based on 2 factors 1) things that I’ve always wanted to do and 2) things that I’ve always  loved to do but for whatever reason have stopped.

Here it is (in no particular order)…

  1. Shoot a gun
  2. Complete a Spiritual/Meditation Challenge
  3. Become a red head (temporarily)
  4. Plant flowers in my front yard
  5. Take an art class
  6. Volunteer at a homeless shelter/Give back to the community
  7. Start blogging again, not only here but my personal blog
  8. Get all dressed up for a fancy romantic dinner date
  9. Start reading again (monthly)…for pleasure!
  10. Eat 100% clean for one month with no cheat days
  11. Start juicing/blending
  12. Make sushi
  13. Take a cooking class
  14. Ride in a helicopter
  15. Get back into my pre-baby clothes
  16. Lift weights at least 2 times a week
  17. Take hand dancing class
  18. Watch the sunrise on the beach
  19. Run on the beach
  20. Complete a race! Starting with a 5K
  21. Try a Bikram Yoga Class
  22. Complete my masters degree program
  23. Eat at Komi
  24. Travel to Europe
  25. Take a mother/daughter trip
  26. Go on a fishing trip
  27. Learn how to French braid/cornrow my own hair
  28. Tour all the Smithsonian museums in the Washington D.C. area
  29. Re-arrange my closet/storage area
  30. To Forgive

Once this list is complete I hope to make both my new and old interests an on-going part of my life.