Erin’s 30 before 30

Well, with my 29th birthday being next week, I will have exactly a year to cruise through my list.  Most of the things on my list have been on my mind for a while, so this is a great opportunity to hold myself accountable.  I can’t wait to see everyone start crossing things off!

1. Lead a 5.9 or higher sport route outdoors

2. Sky dive

3. Travel abroad (not sure where yet)

4. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

5. Shoot a gun

6. Climb at the New River Gorge

7. Put 10k more into my savings account

8. Go white water rafting

9. Grow herbs

10. Read Dune, finally.

11. Go mountain biking

12. Actually spend time thinking about the right Christmas gifts for friends and family

13. Start writing again

14. Be more organized

15. Go to Baltimore Aquarium

16. Do cardio at least three times per week

17. Climb a 5.11 clean at ET

18. Budget my money.  No, really.

19.One entire week with no dining out

20. Try Bikram

21. Waste less food

22. Catch a play on Broadway

23. Hike Old Rag

24. Start studying for SPHR

25. Take a bike maintenance class

26. Call Grandparents once a month

27. Try lobster

28. Visit Arlington Cemetery again

29. Talk/Visit family more often

30. Be more informed and involved in issues I care about


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