Christina’s 30 before 30 must-do list!

SO glad I was invited to partake in this–it’s going to be really great! 

1. skydive (eeee!!)
2. hike Gunpowder Falls
3. run a half marathon (rock ‘n roll VA beach it is!)
4. grow a vegetable garden
5. rescue a puppy
6. renovate my kitchen
7. visit the Space Needle in Seattle
8. learn to crochet (and actually make something!)
9. join a skeeball team
10. complete alphabet restaurant game (started in Jan. with An Poitin Still & Box Hill Pizzeria; continue with C– ,etc.)
11. host a dinner party and use my new china
12. take a non credit course (cooking?… cake decorating?!)
13. read Harry Potter series (should have done this before I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter where I learned butter beer slushies sure are tasty)
14. get a facial at a spa
15. have a picnic and watch planes fly over at BWI airport park
16. sand and refinish 2 pieces of furniture 
17. vacation in Charleston, South Carolina
18. go country line dancing 
19. do a drinking power hour
20. complete 5+ craft projects on my Pinterest board
21. ride on a segue 
22. go berry picking 
23. drive a golf cart 
24. go on a ride along with a police officer
25. volunteer at 5 events (a wine festival must be one!)
26. go to a movie by myself
27. drink around the world at Epcot
28. make grilled pizza
29. plant flowers for some much needed curb appeal on my street
30! scrapbook my first year of marriage 

bonus… beat Ashley in Ruzzle! 🙂


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