Carrie’s 30 things!

Well folks, after a week of scouring other blog posts and asking friends for ideas, I have finalized my list of 30 things I want to do, see and try before I turn 30. I have until Feb. 14, 2014 to complete my entire list! Here we go ~

  1. Get a master’s degree Completed Dec. 6, 2013!! Just waiting for my diploma!
  2. Walk in the Portland to Coast event that benefits the American Cancer Society Completed the walk Saturday August 24,2013!
  3. Experience St. Patrick’s Day in a city known for their parades and green river, Chicago baby! Went to Chicago March 15-17, 2013!
  4. Say I love you to someone new, and mean it  Said the big three words August 20, 2013!!
  5. Go zip lining Zip-lined a day after my birthday so I’m going to count it 😉 Feb 15, 2014
  6. Travel out of the country, even if it means putting the trip on a credit card (this is something I never do!) My lovely BF and I decided to take a trip to Mexico over my birthday weekend, I even left a balance on my credit card Feb 12-16, 2014
  7. Hike Old Rag Mountain
  8. Fit into my size 6 jeans/pants again!
  9. Visit my grandmother at least twice
  10. Explore a part of VA I’ve never been to before
  11. Try a bikram yoga class
  12. Go gluten and/or cheese free for a month Jan. 2014
  13. See a play Saw the Book of Mormon on Broadway! July 6, 2013
  14. Do 10 push-ups a week. Not on my knees. With good form. Build up to at least 10 a day!
  15. Buy a hybrid road bike. Purchased my blue riding machine March 10, 2013!
  16. Bike at least 40 miles, at one time. Rode 50 miles! Sept. 7, 2013!!
  17. Learn to play tennis or racquetball
  18. Try crossfit
  19. Learn to rock climb (indoor or outdoor)
  20. Go camping Went camping in MD June 8, 2013!
  21. Go on a picnic
  22. Conduct a random act of kindness
  23. Go line dancing
  24. Try a new food every month Completed throughout my year of being 29!
  25. Go skeet shooting
  26. Bet on a horse race Bet on Governor Charlie to come in 2nd at Preakness Stakes May 18, 2013
  27. Relearn snowboarding Completed Dec. 30, 2013!
  28. Volunteer at least twice
  29. Go to Komi! nom nom nom
  30. Ring in my 30s with a huge celebration! I’d say going to Mexico was a big celebration Feb 12-16, 2014

Sherry Moeser’s List- Bring it on BABY

I am excited to see what we can all accomplish in the next year! I see that a few of us have some list items in common… I am looking forward to sharing this adventurous year with such a fine group of ladies!



  • Buy a House
  • Survive my Bachelorette Party
  • Get Married
  • Start Learning Spanish
  • Get back to weighing in the 120’s
  • Try to stay in the Zone diet for 3 months (minus weekends)
  • Get my passport updated and get a stamp in it
  • Try the 30 yoga challenge
  • sing a karaoke song on my own (that terrifies me)
  • 1 arm handstand for 5 seconds
  • do a standing back tuck on my own AGAIN
  • wake up and see the sunrise
  • Take a salsa class
  • Shoot a gun
  • Try Paddle Boarding
  • Visit my Birthplace (Lake Placid)
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Try Trapeze Class
  • Do Ellen Dance Dare and get it on video
  • Visit Yosemite
  • Try all the recipes that I have pinned on pintrest
  • go on a honeymoon
  • go to a topless/ nude beach
  • Try Snorkeling
  • Do a kip from the ground
  • Plan a all out 30th Birthday party
  • Road Trip with Codi
  • Plan a trip to do the blob
  • use all my groupons and living socials before I buy more.
  • Be able to change a tire on my own car