Attend a Natural Hair Expo

I have attended 2 Natural Hair Expos this year. Yay me! The first expo was in Baltimore MD in April it was called the Natural Hair Care Expo the evolution of a natural revolution. It was my first experience and a great one. I enjoyed meeting other women that do not chemically straighten there naturally texured (curly, coily or afro textured) hair.


The Second Expo that I attended was in ATL shawty. Atlanta GA. We went in May. One of my BFF’s and I decided that we wanted to head down to Atlanta to attend one of the largest Natural Hair Expo’s in the world, so we went. ROAD TRIP!!!. We decided 2 weeks before the event made a plan and made it happen. We drove down on Friday night and come back on Sunday morning. Yes we did this in one weekend – keep in mind we live in Arlington VA so it was quite the adventure LOL. All in all it was a great unforgetable experience would do it again if I could!!!

naturalhairexpo20131           naturalhairexpo20132

Advertisements Event

Sooo I participated in a event a little while ago, but forgot to post hehehe. The event was actually in March. March 12, 2013.  The place was called Masa 14 off of 14th street in Washington DC. Very cute restuarant. I attended with a co-worker of mine and we actually had a decent time. When you first walk in there are stairs that go directly up to the rooftop area where they were having the private event. I thought it was a very nice venue. I will be honest there were absolutely NO fireworks LOL no one I found of interest, however everyone was very friendly and nice  and it was a pretty cool event. The purpose of the event is like a mixer or meet and greet for singles. Its a place to meet others that may be looking for a friend, love, socialize of to just have a little fun. I didnt take any pics but here is a pic of the venue. I dont think I would do it again, but I would recommend this event to anyone thats looking to have a fun and new experience!!!


Travel to Europe!

I recently took my first trip to Germany! I absolutely loved it! It was very interesting to learn about the country and their culture. I was only there for a week and it seemed like the shortest week ever, next time we plan to stay longer. We did a lot of sightseeing on the days the weather was nice. We had a chance to tour the tallest cathedral in the world; Ulm Minster. We traveled to the cities of Neu-Ulm and Stuttgart, shopped at the local markets and dined at Germany resturants that server country favorites like schnitzel, spatzle, brez’n, and bratwurst. Below are a few pictures I took while at the Ulm Minster.

2012-2013 247 2012-2013 248 2012-2013 241

Become a redhead!

I did it!  I finally said what the heck and colored my hair red! I’ve had highlights before but had never colored a big section of my hair. Plus,  I’m talking about permanent hair dye! So I was a little afraid of what might happen to my hair.

Anyways, I did it and I was pretty pleased with the results. I may even color my hair again. I actually like to experiment now. 🙂


Mountains, Wilderness, Nature and Camping! Oh my!

Thanks to the help of a friend, I was reminded that I crossed off another item from my list the other weekend.  I went camping!

Me, Mark and some of his friends and their wives/girlfriends went to Green Ridge State Park in Maryland for a night of camping.  After driving a few hours (the park is in the western part of MD) we arrived and this gorgeous park.  This picture is from the outlook that was at the registration office of the park.  Once the perfect camp site was picked out, we were on our way.

Set up the tents and flip cup/beer pong table and the cornhole board, put out the food and alcohol, and got to rocking.  We arrived too late to go fishing or hiking so we started with some friendly competition.  The alcohol was consumed, the night got dark and we made it through the night with no animal sightings.

Green Ridge State Park, MD

Camping was a success and I can’t wait to do more of it!  (ps, my dad is SO happy that I’m finally dating someone who likes outdoors and camping, I’m doing everything my dad had me doing while growing up!)

Crossed off yet another one…

After completing three stops on our first annual RVA Craft Brew Tour, I had enough liquid courage to try brussel sprouts. With the support of Coleman and an awesome group of friends; and a description of the sprouts on the menu that included garlic I thought, ” they couldn’t possibly be that bad”.  And they weren’t! They were actually rather tasty. It might have had something to do with the fact that they were fried and covered in garlic but I might actually try them again.