Hello Nashville!

1) Line Dance in Nashville

I’ve been busy working on checking off things on my list but keep forgetting to share. Here’s to playing catch up…

Over Memorial Day weekend my husband and I along with friends travelled to Nashville, Tennessee for the first time. We’d been talking about going for awhile so we were very excited. I’m not the biggest country fan so everyone was interested to see how I would adapt 🙂

We had a blast eating and drinking our way through Nashville — we honky tonked on Broadway, toured the Ryman, walked Music Row and my favorite –LINE DANCED!

Everyone told us the place for line dancing in Nashville was the Wildhorse Saloon. So we started our evening with some bar hopping down Broadway and made our way over to 2nd Avenue to Wildhorse.


1-2-Yee Haw!

We grabbed our first round and jumped right in with a big group line dancing session. The instructor cued us through the dance and we even ended with a “YeeHaw!” 

Afterwards, the live music continued and we pushed our way to the front of the dance floor to follow the two instructors. We studied them intensely and fumbled quite a bit (who knew line dancing could be so intricate – this was no Electric Slide!), every time I picked up the moves the song would change and we would be on to another dance.


All in all we had a blast, we drank, we danced and the boys even got some love from a pink haired bachelorette.

Next time I may even upgrade my flip flops to cowboy boots!


Next one off the list – see a play!

Mark and I were planning our trip to NYC for the July 4th Holiday weekend and really wanted to snag tickets to see The Book of Mormon.  After looking and looking, and the prices getting more and more expensive we nixed the idea.

It was Friday night and we were trying to decide what to do Saturday after kayaking (NYC has free kayaking on the Hudson river!) we thought, let’s just look at tickets one last time.  Well we found some on stubhub that seemed reasonable, rather than buying right then we waited and just stalked them to see what the price did.  About an hour and a half before the show the price got down to below face value and they were 3rd row seats!!  We had to buy them!  We ran to the closest FedEx store, bought the tickets, printed them and we were off to the show.  It was hilarious and definitely a must see if you’re willing to shell out some dough.