Who woulda thunk it

I had been trying to work up the number of miles I could ride at one time over a few weekends so that I could reach my goal of 40 miles at once before winter came. Last weekend Mark and I did a 24 mile ride so this weekend I was hoping to do around 30-35 miles. Well as we were on the trail he kept saying “why don’t we just do 40 miles today” – after all I was going the fastest I had ever gone and the day was beautiful riding weather – so I finally agreed.

We took the W & OD trail past Sterling Station and when we hit 20.something miles I was ready to turn around and head home. Mark had other plans. He convinced me that 45 miles would be “cooler” and he knew I could do an extra 2.5 miles out so I agreed. When we hit the 22.5 mile point, and after a long stretch, we turned around.

As we were getting closer to Vienna (about 9.7 miles away from home) he started saying “why don’t we just do 50 miles.!?” I repeatedly answered “let’s wait til we are closer to home, I do want to make it home after all so we can reassess then.” We were coming up to “the easy route home” aka less hills than our normal route when he said one last time, “let’s keep going a bit and just do 50 miles”. By this point I was cranky and wanted to get off the bike so I said “no.” I can’t remember what it was but I decided to keep going past the turn off to head home (I was delirious by this point).

We finally got closer to my house when Mark said we needed to do an extra mile to get to 50 so we biked around my neighborhood and the high school across the street so that we actually hit our mark.

Honestly, without my fabulous boyfriend motivating me throughout the ride, and having faith in me for being able to do 50 miles (I’m not the type of person who thinks pushing my body is fun), I’m not sure if I would’ve continued past the 30-35 mile point. He is one amazing guy!

Here is a screenshot of the app. I use on my phone to track my rides. Can’t believe I did it!



No Longer Living With My Parents


We finally did it! We closed on our house as of YESTERDAY! Codi and I own a townhouse in Leesburg VA. We celebrated with Mimosas and Lunch…and then we got a Costco Membership…very domestic of us I know.

After the wedding we will have to buy some furniture and move in and then we will be able to have a house warming party!!!!

dolla dolla BILLS Y’ALL


I live to tell the story of my bachelorette party… it was a bit dicey there for a bit, wasn’t sure I would survive… With the help of some amazing women I not only survived but had an amazing time!

My cousin and Sister did a bang up job with planning a fabulous trip to Atlantic City for much needed Mayhem in the end of August. I was not allowed to know any of the details which I really enjoyed not having to plan anything.

Right from the start I was welcomed with booze, balloons, streamers and oh so many penis decorations… what more could a girl want, right?

Friday night we went to a Hulk-O-Mania where I got the DIVA package… how do I put this…. IT WAS AMAZING.  Think Magic MIKE and then a bit wilder… I will let you use your imaginations.

Saturday we recovered at the beach and then rallied for a night on the town. We went to Haven, a night club in the Golden Nugget and danced and drank the night away.  Lets just say it took me a solid week to recover from 2 nights of partying with these ladies. Good times… and so many pictures I Can’t even post….

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife..sherry has a gun in her hand!


I wanted to see what it would feel like to shoot a gun but the closest I had ever come to this was my brothers beebee gun.  They make it look so easy in the movies and I wanted to feel the power between my hands.

My friend from cross fit happens to work for the NRA and she HOOKED IT UP! Codi and I went to the head quarters in Fairfax and were set up with the ranger manager, guns, endless bullets and a coach for a few hours for FREE.

We got to shoot a 9MM and an AR-15 , that’s right I was holding an Assault Rifle with a scope on it! Turns out I am a lousy shot with the 9MM, I kept closing my eyes and shooting the ground.

When I got to the AR-15 it was ON like Donkey Kong… zeroed in on the head and went for the kill shot. The instructor actually asked if I aimed for the head on purpose….YEP.

I wish I could have taken a picture while I was shooting but that was strictly forbidden. While in the range it sounded like 4th of July fireworks were going off right next to my head. We had a secret service agent testing his weapon right next to us and MAN was that loud.

Overall it was a great experience and it made me want to try again. Lets just hope an intruder doesn’t break into my house b/c unless he is lying on the floor completely still I am sure to miss…

Is it a ballerina? Is it a fairy? No! It’s me all dressed up for Portland to Coast!

On Thursday August 22nd I began my journey to the west coast. With a slight delay in Chicago (go figure) I finally arrived in Portland Oregon around 2pm. I headed straight to one of my teammates houses to meet up with some TuTu team members for the 2013 Portland to coast relay event which raises money or the American cancer society!

We ate some lunch and began to decorate the van, it needed its own tutu of course, because Friday morning at 630am we were going to begin the 132 mile walking relay from Portland to the ocean community of Seaside Oregon!

Overall I walked 4 legs for a total of 20.7 miles, averaged a 13.5 minute mile for one leg and 15 minute miles for the others, ended up with only one blister (the size of Texas), had a hard time walking for only half a day and gained 6 new friends!

It was an amazing experience – sitting in a car with 6 ladies for 24+ hours, sleeping a total of about 2.5 hours in that same time, taking a “shower” that consisted of me stripping down in front of the car at an exchange point, while raining, and my teammates sleeping in the car while I washed down with baby wipes! I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done it before (and to you two that have , maybe do it again with me for real this time 😉