Time Flies When You’re Having Fun….

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is only 11 days away. Where has the year gone? I guess time flies when you’re having fun. While I haven’t done the best job of documenting my #30before30 list, I have been hard at work crossing them off my list. A quick recap of what I’ve been up to….

Plant A Vegetable Garden

We planted our first veggie garden this Spring! We purchased a pre-built garden box to frame everything in. Perfect size for our tiny backyard. We then planted a little bit of everything – tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeños and habaneros – oh my!
Check out our first pick.

It was fun watching everything grow and super convenient – nothing like running to your back yard to grab a few veggies for lunch or dinner. We definitely learned a thing or two. Next year, we’re going to move the box so that our garden receives optimal sunlight. And less is more – we had a lot crammed into such a small space. We never saw any bell peppers, which I’m pretty sure it was due to lack of sunlight with all of the tomato plants growing on top of them.

However, we did enjoy lots of cherry tomatoes and jalapeños and habaneros. We had so many peppers; we’ve froze  a ton and are now enjoying them in Spicy Chilis and Soups.  Bon Appetit!

 Rock & Roll Half Marathon

We did it!!! 13.1 miles exactly! This is by far my biggest and proudest accomplishment. Woot Woot!
After 3 months of training, with family and friends I ran the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll Half Marathon. This was the longest distance I had ever ran. I play soccer, run occasionally for “fun” and have dabbled in a few 5K Races.  It was awesome to see how far I’d come since starting 3  months prior – at that point I hated even going 3 Miles. And in my training my longest run was 10 miles.

This particular race was a lot fun and I’m glad I chose it for my first half marathon race. Spectators and bands (rock bands, marching bands, jazz bands, you name it) cheered us on the entire way.  The surrounding neighborhoods offered up lively displays of costume themed parties, cold sprinklers, popsicles and blaring music. One house event blasted The Cupid Shuffle at mile marker 11. We contemplated stopping to join other dancing racers but figured it would be too hard to stop running. We decided instead to cheer and offered a few fist pumps while we enjoyed the entertainment

The first 10 miles we’re definitely my best; it was the last 3 that just about killed me though. No matter what I was crossing that finish line though. I crossed the finish line at 2 hours and 43 Minutes. Definitely not the best – but at least I finished! I kept telling myself and my friend, as long as you don’t puke in front of all of these people you will have done an amazing job 🙂

Kudos to my besties, I couldn’t have done it without them!
Our fans were pretty awesome too – we even got shirts made for us.

I’m definitely hooked and am looking to run another Half Marathong in the Spring- Zooma in Annapolis. This is for women only and includes shopping and wine. Let’s be honest, they had me at wine.  My goal: to beat my time.

First Time For Everything

Many of these goals / challenges I set for myself  are a first for me. Goal #18 though was to “Take A Vacation and While There Do Something I’ve Never Done Before”. The Rock & Roll Half Marathon was  quite the experience and vacation. We made a weekend of it, enjoying the beach, concerts on the beach (Daughtry, Smashmouth, Sugar Ray, Third Eye Blind – hello revival of the 90s) and of course a celebratory night out after the race.

We made our way to the 15th Street Amusement Park. There we decided to conquer the Skyscraper. This thing catapulted you 165 feet in the air at 65mph. I’ve always watched these rides but never quite had the guts to try it. Us girls figured we just ran 13.1 (and I’m sure a little liquid courage helped), so of course we could do this!

Horseback Riding

I haven’t been horseback riding since the 5th Grade. Flash forward almost 20 years later, I tried it again and LOVED it. We headed to Marriott Ranch  in Hume, VA for a Fall fun-filled day of horseback riding. We enjoyed a 90 minute guided tour. Take a peak of our ride here, here and here.

We coupled this with a double date with friends and headed over to Barrel Oak Winery. We set up outside on one of their many picnic tables, enjoyed a quick tasting, grabbed a couple bottles of wine and settled in for our homemade picnic. A great ending for the weekend.


Weekend Getaway

I killed two birds with one stone. I enjoyed my first Bed & Breakfast Stay.  We headed to Warrenton for an overnight stay at Poplar Springs Inn.

Before making our way to the Inn we enjoyed Old Town Warrenton. Old Town Warrenton has lots of fun shops, great dining and even a Farmer’s Market. We had lunch and some wine at Iron Bridge Wine Company. Definitely recommend this place –if for nothing else than their Lobster Mac & Cheese. Yum!

We then made our way to Marteralla Winery. Delicious wine and quite the view, even if it was a little cold and cloudy.

After an afternoon of wine we checked in at Poplar Springs. The inn was quiet and relaxing. We enoyed Happy Hour at the bar but ended up ordering Dominos in bed for dinner – classy!

 The next morning we decided to check out the surrounding area. We attempted to score some free corn stalks,  picked up some apples from Williams Orchard, and then headed for a Picnic at Skyline Drive! We lucked out as it had just opened a few days before when the Furlough was finally lifted.

Skyline Drive runs 105 miles long through the Blue Ridge Mountain. We enjoyed the scenic tour the mountain stopping to take pictures  along the way. Unfortunately, we didn’t pack a picnic but stopped at one of the food stops along the route. The restaurant had floor to ceiling windows so you could enjoy the mountain views while you grabbed a bite to eat.

…and the list continues. Almost there #30before30!





Knocked off two!!!

A few months ago, my family and I packed up all our things and headed down south to Myrtle Beach! I love it there, it’s just so different from where I grew up. Anyway, while I was there I had a chance to watch a beautiful sunrise and Patrick motivated me to run on the beach for the first time. Running on the beach is no joke!! My legs were killing me the next day. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures 😦 I did however pick up a few seashells for keepsakes. I’m planning on heading back to MB soon so I will be sure to take a few pics next go round.