three things I’ve crossed off my list (more to write about!)

On a beautiful sunny day this summer, I willingly (and excitingly) forward rolled out of a perfectly good airplane. Free-falling from 10,000 feet was such an exhilarating feeling and cruising through the sky directing the chute was pretty amazing too.  For next time, I know not to scream and shout until after the chute has opened, or to at least be prepared for a serious case of cotton mouth/drool coming out the side of your mouth! 🙂  The one part I was nervous about–the landing–ended up being so  easy. This was something I did with my dad as part of his bucket list, and I would do it 100 times over again. It didn’t last long enough but I loved every minute of it!

christina in the sky

Visit the Space Needle
I went to Seattle for work and was very excited when Ashley decided to come along. She got to do way more sightseeing than I, though I got to live vicariously through her pictures. In my evening spare time we did get to eat at some cool places and trek to the top of the space needle! We were bummed that when we reached the top the view was completely fogged over, but the security guard assured us that in about 30 mins time, the fog would burn off and we’d get to see that magnificent 360 degree view of Seattle.  So, we settled in for a glass of wine, and sure enough, the skies turned blue again. So we walked all the way around for the second time, retook some pictures, and were glad we waited–it was certainly worth it. We even saw a proposal!


Join a skeeball team
My husband, cousins, and I signed up through Baltimore Barskee for some Wednesday night skeeball fun at a pizzeria tavern in Baltimore. Our team, “Aww Skeet Skeet” went 7-1 in the regular season, but lost first round in the playoffs. We enjoyed it so much, we signed up for another season, kept our same 7-1 record, this time making it to the second round in playoffs. Beers, pizza, and skeeball were a great way to break up the week, but with it being a 30 minute drive plus an additional 15 minutes to find city parking (we’re in the burbs now!) for just a 20-30 minute game, we decided that two seasons were enough. Interesting fact: skeeball lanes used to be 36 feet long, now they’re a short 10-13 feet. I bet I wouldn’t have the same great scores and luck with banking consecutive 40s if the lane was still that long!



Until the next post!


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