Last 5 things before I turned 30!

Well folks, the day has come, my 30th birthday!!  I turned the big 3-0 on Feb 14, 2014.  While I didn’t complete EVERYTHING on my list, I felt like I still had a great year of fun and excitement 🙂  Here are the last 5 things I did on my list!

1. Go zip lining Feb 15 2014 ~ So although a day after my 30th birthday,  Mark and I did this while we were in Mexico for my birthday weekend.  Although it was fun, I wish it was more exciting.  We went fast but I was expecting FASTER!!!  We ziplined above the jungle of mexico which was pretty cool and the last “leg” of the tour was a water landing.  Sure enough I lost my shorts and bikini body on the landing!

2. Travel out of the country Feb 12016 2014 ~ Mark and I were thinking of going to Belize but once we gave in to the fact that we didn’t want to break the bank for that trip, we decided on Mexico.  We were at the Occidental Grand Xcaret in Rivera Maya and it was amazing!!  He has most of the pictures on his phone otherwise I would post one here.  Keep an eye out on FB for some 😉

3. Went cheese free for all of Jan 2014 ~ wow was this hard.  Every food I love has cheese in it, why?  because cheese is AMAZING!!!  It was so hard to go a whole month and I even slipped one day at a brunch at Lauren’s lol but no one has to know that but you all 😉

4. Tried a new food (almost) every month!  While I didn’t necessarily try a new food every month, I did try the following new foods throughout my year of being 29 (missed 4 new foods…):

– corned beef, bipimbap, drunken noodle, a cutie (tangerine), brussel sprouts, pho, seaweed salad, cactus and two cheaters 😉 homemade twice baked potatoes and chipotle flavored humus lol

5. Ring in my 30s with a bang!  Well although I didn’t have the normal bday celebration that I do every year, I did ring in the bang with my love in Mexico.  We relaxed the whole time, besides one day at an adventure park, he surprised me with a couples massage for my bday/valentines day and we eat a lot of guac!!

That leaves me with the following from my list that I didn’t complete:

  1. Hike Old Rag Mountain
  2. Fit into my size 6 jeans/pants again!
  3. Visit my grandmother at least twice
  4. Explore a part of VA I’ve never been to before
  5. Try a bikram yoga class
  6. Do 10 push-ups a week. Not on my knees. With good form. Build up to at least 10 a day!
  7. Learn to play tennis or racquetball
  8. Try crossfit
  9. Learn to rock climb (indoor or outdoor)
  10. Go on a picnic
  11. Conduct a random act of kindness
  12. Go line dancing
  13. Go skeet shooting
  14. Volunteer at least twice
  15. Go to Komi! nom nom nom

Although I may not track it, I hope to finish my list my first year in my 30s!

Good luck ladies!!


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