Last 5 things before I turned 30!

Well folks, the day has come, my 30th birthday!!  I turned the big 3-0 on Feb 14, 2014.  While I didn’t complete EVERYTHING on my list, I felt like I still had a great year of fun and excitement 🙂  Here are the last 5 things I did on my list!

1. Go zip lining Feb 15 2014 ~ So although a day after my 30th birthday,  Mark and I did this while we were in Mexico for my birthday weekend.  Although it was fun, I wish it was more exciting.  We went fast but I was expecting FASTER!!!  We ziplined above the jungle of mexico which was pretty cool and the last “leg” of the tour was a water landing.  Sure enough I lost my shorts and bikini body on the landing!

2. Travel out of the country Feb 12016 2014 ~ Mark and I were thinking of going to Belize but once we gave in to the fact that we didn’t want to break the bank for that trip, we decided on Mexico.  We were at the Occidental Grand Xcaret in Rivera Maya and it was amazing!!  He has most of the pictures on his phone otherwise I would post one here.  Keep an eye out on FB for some 😉

3. Went cheese free for all of Jan 2014 ~ wow was this hard.  Every food I love has cheese in it, why?  because cheese is AMAZING!!!  It was so hard to go a whole month and I even slipped one day at a brunch at Lauren’s lol but no one has to know that but you all 😉

4. Tried a new food (almost) every month!  While I didn’t necessarily try a new food every month, I did try the following new foods throughout my year of being 29 (missed 4 new foods…):

– corned beef, bipimbap, drunken noodle, a cutie (tangerine), brussel sprouts, pho, seaweed salad, cactus and two cheaters 😉 homemade twice baked potatoes and chipotle flavored humus lol

5. Ring in my 30s with a bang!  Well although I didn’t have the normal bday celebration that I do every year, I did ring in the bang with my love in Mexico.  We relaxed the whole time, besides one day at an adventure park, he surprised me with a couples massage for my bday/valentines day and we eat a lot of guac!!

That leaves me with the following from my list that I didn’t complete:

  1. Hike Old Rag Mountain
  2. Fit into my size 6 jeans/pants again!
  3. Visit my grandmother at least twice
  4. Explore a part of VA I’ve never been to before
  5. Try a bikram yoga class
  6. Do 10 push-ups a week. Not on my knees. With good form. Build up to at least 10 a day!
  7. Learn to play tennis or racquetball
  8. Try crossfit
  9. Learn to rock climb (indoor or outdoor)
  10. Go on a picnic
  11. Conduct a random act of kindness
  12. Go line dancing
  13. Go skeet shooting
  14. Volunteer at least twice
  15. Go to Komi! nom nom nom

Although I may not track it, I hope to finish my list my first year in my 30s!

Good luck ladies!!


Two things to cross off!

Two things were crossed off my list in Dec!

1.  Get a Masters Degree

I finished my master’s program on Dec. 6, 2013!!  Although I don’t have the chance to walk until May 2014 (which I don’t think I will do), and I do not have my diploma yet (coming in the mail this month) I presented my final presentation on the 6th!!  It was a long two years and I couldn’t have done it without the help of friends and family!

2.  Relearn Snowboarding

A group of us rented a cabin in Canaan Valley WVA for the NYE holiday so while there I relearned how to snowboard!  I had only been 3 or 4 times when I lived in CO and was in middle school lol so I was really starting from scratch.  Mark was awesome at teaching me how to snowboard and was super patient with me, love this kid.   By the end of the day I was really getting a feel for it, although I was sore as anything and still have the bruises to prove I did it lol The second day of the trip I skied but we hope to plan a day trip in Jan for more snowboarding fun!


Well folks, this is a little late but I crossed off another item from my list ~ Say I love you to someone new, and mean it.

The first time it was said was via text and sadly I don’t remember when the first time it was said in person, but the fact of the matter is it was said 🙂 

Here’s the text story! My honey had just left for Austria to go to his best friend’s wedding.  It was a 6 hour time difference so I wasn’t able to really talk to him, plus phone calls are insanely expensive so we just texted here and there.  One morning I woke up and I had a sweet text from him saying he loved me.  (by this time I had already known I was in love with him but I hadn’t said it yet, I was kind of wanting to wait until he said it to me first, why I don’t know but I was…) I obviously said it back.

Here’s a pic of me and my honey a few weeks ago ~ don’t mind the boot.  I am healing a broken big toe 😦


Who woulda thunk it

I had been trying to work up the number of miles I could ride at one time over a few weekends so that I could reach my goal of 40 miles at once before winter came. Last weekend Mark and I did a 24 mile ride so this weekend I was hoping to do around 30-35 miles. Well as we were on the trail he kept saying “why don’t we just do 40 miles today” – after all I was going the fastest I had ever gone and the day was beautiful riding weather – so I finally agreed.

We took the W & OD trail past Sterling Station and when we hit 20.something miles I was ready to turn around and head home. Mark had other plans. He convinced me that 45 miles would be “cooler” and he knew I could do an extra 2.5 miles out so I agreed. When we hit the 22.5 mile point, and after a long stretch, we turned around.

As we were getting closer to Vienna (about 9.7 miles away from home) he started saying “why don’t we just do 50 miles.!?” I repeatedly answered “let’s wait til we are closer to home, I do want to make it home after all so we can reassess then.” We were coming up to “the easy route home” aka less hills than our normal route when he said one last time, “let’s keep going a bit and just do 50 miles”. By this point I was cranky and wanted to get off the bike so I said “no.” I can’t remember what it was but I decided to keep going past the turn off to head home (I was delirious by this point).

We finally got closer to my house when Mark said we needed to do an extra mile to get to 50 so we biked around my neighborhood and the high school across the street so that we actually hit our mark.

Honestly, without my fabulous boyfriend motivating me throughout the ride, and having faith in me for being able to do 50 miles (I’m not the type of person who thinks pushing my body is fun), I’m not sure if I would’ve continued past the 30-35 mile point. He is one amazing guy!

Here is a screenshot of the app. I use on my phone to track my rides. Can’t believe I did it!


Is it a ballerina? Is it a fairy? No! It’s me all dressed up for Portland to Coast!

On Thursday August 22nd I began my journey to the west coast. With a slight delay in Chicago (go figure) I finally arrived in Portland Oregon around 2pm. I headed straight to one of my teammates houses to meet up with some TuTu team members for the 2013 Portland to coast relay event which raises money or the American cancer society!

We ate some lunch and began to decorate the van, it needed its own tutu of course, because Friday morning at 630am we were going to begin the 132 mile walking relay from Portland to the ocean community of Seaside Oregon!

Overall I walked 4 legs for a total of 20.7 miles, averaged a 13.5 minute mile for one leg and 15 minute miles for the others, ended up with only one blister (the size of Texas), had a hard time walking for only half a day and gained 6 new friends!

It was an amazing experience – sitting in a car with 6 ladies for 24+ hours, sleeping a total of about 2.5 hours in that same time, taking a “shower” that consisted of me stripping down in front of the car at an exchange point, while raining, and my teammates sleeping in the car while I washed down with baby wipes! I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done it before (and to you two that have , maybe do it again with me for real this time 😉


Next one off the list – see a play!

Mark and I were planning our trip to NYC for the July 4th Holiday weekend and really wanted to snag tickets to see The Book of Mormon.  After looking and looking, and the prices getting more and more expensive we nixed the idea.

It was Friday night and we were trying to decide what to do Saturday after kayaking (NYC has free kayaking on the Hudson river!) we thought, let’s just look at tickets one last time.  Well we found some on stubhub that seemed reasonable, rather than buying right then we waited and just stalked them to see what the price did.  About an hour and a half before the show the price got down to below face value and they were 3rd row seats!!  We had to buy them!  We ran to the closest FedEx store, bought the tickets, printed them and we were off to the show.  It was hilarious and definitely a must see if you’re willing to shell out some dough.


Mountains, Wilderness, Nature and Camping! Oh my!

Thanks to the help of a friend, I was reminded that I crossed off another item from my list the other weekend.  I went camping!

Me, Mark and some of his friends and their wives/girlfriends went to Green Ridge State Park in Maryland for a night of camping.  After driving a few hours (the park is in the western part of MD) we arrived and this gorgeous park.  This picture is from the outlook that was at the registration office of the park.  Once the perfect camp site was picked out, we were on our way.

Set up the tents and flip cup/beer pong table and the cornhole board, put out the food and alcohol, and got to rocking.  We arrived too late to go fishing or hiking so we started with some friendly competition.  The alcohol was consumed, the night got dark and we made it through the night with no animal sightings.

Green Ridge State Park, MD

Camping was a success and I can’t wait to do more of it!  (ps, my dad is SO happy that I’m finally dating someone who likes outdoors and camping, I’m doing everything my dad had me doing while growing up!)

Governor Charlie!

As I was reading the new posts from you ladies on what you have accomplished, and crossed off your list I decided to refresh my memory on what was on my list.  Turns out I crossed something off my list just last weekend without even realizing it!

Last weekend, as I’m sure you all know was the Preakness Stakes horse race in MD.  Well, my boyfriend loves to gamble so as he was placing bets on the race he asked if I wanted to bet too!  Since I had already won $10 from him on a bet we did the night before, I took him up on it and bet $10 on Governor Charlie coming in 2nd at the race.

Unfortunately I didn’t win my bet (he came in 8th) but it was still fun none-the-less!  Until next year when I hope to win big money 😉



Green river, shamrock glasses and St Patrick’s Day in Chicago!

I just touched down in Chicago town (well on Friday March 15) for a weekend of friends, fun, fancy glasses and in celebration of St Patrick!  We had a few amazing meals at Cantina Laredo and Kinzie Steakhouse, tried deep dish pizza, saw the (neon) green river and maybe a leprechaun or two, went to the bean and got our culture on at the Field Museum.  What an amazing weekend and one I’ll never forget!


Zipping around on my new bike!

I have been wanting a hybrid bike since last year but instead I continued to ride my rusty, 13+ year old bike. Well when I got a quote of how much it would cost to tune up that bad boy the price blew me out of the water, so I stopped riding “old rusty” but never got around to buying the new bike I needed and wanted!

Since the weather this past weekend was just gorgeous I was inspired to finally buy my bike! So here she is, my new, blue, riding machine! I was able to ride her around for a bit yesterday and I absolutely love it!


Now my list is down to 29 things to do before I turn 30! Can’t wait to see you ladies start crossing things off your list!