It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since my last post but I have been busy crossings things off my list without even realizing it! Here are the updates. The first item to cross off was item 19. Get pregnant. On November 30, 2013 we found out that we will be bringing a child into this world. It’s totally scary, exciting, nerve wrecking, and beautiful all at the same time!
Xmas Card

The second item I crossed off my list was item 12. Try a new hobby. Well my new hobby is writing in my journal. I find that it’s a great way to express all of the things I’m feeling and experiencing with this pregnancy. I know many people blog about their pregnancies, but I’m not comfortable putting things on the internet for the world to see. This journal is a private walk down memory lane that I’m keeping for our son or daugther to read when they get older and can appreciate what it takes to bring a child into the world.

The next thing I crossed off my list was item 22. Start wearing contacts again. I say I crossed this off because I went and got fitted for contacts and tried them for about two weeks, but ultimately, I just can’t stand wearing them and I don’t need them that badly so I decided I don’t need to wear contacts.

The last item I crossed off my list was item 8. Visit a winery I’ve never been to before. In November we planned a wine trip to Charlottesville with a group of our friends in January. Little did I know I was going to be two months pregnant at that time. Coleman really loves wine and I love Charlottesville, and at that point just wanted to get out of the house and be around people, so we decided we would still go. In fact, I offered to be the designated driver. We rented a 12 passenger van, planned an itinerary of 5 wineries and the 8 of us set out on our tour. We visited Blenheim Vineyards (Dave Matthews’ winery), Cardinal Point Winery, Afton Mountain Vineyards (which was the one we hadn’t been to before), Veritas, and King Family. Although I couldn’t partake in the drinking (I had a taste or two), we had a great time, made it to all of the wineries, and only one person threw up. I call that a win!


Crossed off yet another one…

After completing three stops on our first annual RVA Craft Brew Tour, I had enough liquid courage to try brussel sprouts. With the support of Coleman and an awesome group of friends; and a description of the sprouts on the menu that included garlic I thought, ” they couldn’t possibly be that bad”.  And they weren’t! They were actually rather tasty. It might have had something to do with the fact that they were fried and covered in garlic but I might actually try them again.


The Lottery

With all the hype of the $600 million power ball lottery drawing, I decided it would be the perfect time for me cross an item off my 30 before 30 list and play the lottery for the first time. As expected I messed up and went to buy the ticket with just $1 bill. Everyone told me it would only be a dollar. Well I went up to the machine with a 20 dollar bill and a 1 dollar bill and don’t you know the power ball was $2 dollars. The machine did not make change, so with a long line behind me and sweat beginning g to run down my arm pits I panicked and bought a mega million ticket instead. It was the first time experience that I had feared since I was 18, but at least I can say I’ve done it.

image  image

Slowly but surely…

I was able to cross two things off of my list this past weekend. One of our best friends got married in New Port Richey, Florida this weekend and we were able to spend 4 days with some great friends. We spent most of our time traveling with and partying with a group of no less than 8, but usually around 12 people the whole time. To help lessen the burden on Mother Earth we tried to carpool to as many places as possible. I took this opportunity to conquer #27 on my list. I’ll be honest, I only rode shotgun once, but I can now say that I did it! We also went to Clearwater Beach, Florida which had the prettiest water and the best people watching and had the pleasure of dining at a Yacht Club where Rod Stewart’s cousin, Rob, was hired to entertain the old geezers. This was quite the show 😉

New Port Richey  cw Rob

30 Things to Handle Before Blowing Out 30 Candles

  1. Go kayaking (I’ll be contacting Matt Diamond for a lesson)
  2. Complete a Tough Mudder (I want that orange headband so bad!)
  3. Bake a cake (from scratch)
  4. Start a blog (consider this crossed off)
  5. Read a book (you’re probably thinking one book? really? well those of you who know me and my disdain of black letters on a screen or 4×6 piece of paper know that this will be a challenge for me)
  6. Run a second marathon (I guess this means I’m committing myself; I’d be happy even if I don’t PR)
  7. Be a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding (March 22, 2014)
  8. Visit a winery I’ve never been to before (this should be pretty easy)
  9. Go Rock Climbing (at an indoor place)
  10. Visit a city I’ve never been to before (Newport Richie in May)
  11. Go to a professional sport game (any sport, any city… just a pro game)
  12. Try a new hobby (maybe jewelry making?)
  13. Renovate our kitchen (or my bathroom)
  14. Go on a picnic (Finally use one of our wedding presents)
  15. Go camping (I’ve only been saying I’ve wanted to do this for 5 years now)
  16. Go Ice Skating (at Rockefeller Center would be nice, but Richmond around Christmas time will suffice)
  17. Have professional family photos taken (I’m holding Coleman to this one)
  18. Go to a drive-in movie (this might be a hard find)
  19. Get pregnant (this might water down my 30th celebration a little but I don’t mind a bit)
  20. Conduct a complete random act of kindness (so someone else can pay it forward)
  21. Donate to NPR (I listen to it every day on the way home and feel so guilty during their membership drives)
  22. Start wearing contacts again
  23. Eat brussel sprouts
  24. Build up our savings account
  25. Go skinny dipping (I feel like it’s not acceptable to do this after the 20’s… so here’s to the last hoorah!
  26. Watch a scary movie (boy do I hate scary movies… facing my fears)
  27. Ride shotgun in a car with more than 3 passengers (eeeeek!)
  28. Play the lottery (I’ve never done this, and will need a lesson)
  29. Make Cauliflower crust pizza (I’ll share the recipe for anyone looking to go gluten free)
  30. Go to Las Vegas (Vegas Baby…. Vegas! (in my best Vince Vaughan voice))