Although I have already hit my 30 year milestone I felt this was a great way to hold myself accountable for completing things to help enrich my life.  As my 31st birthday approaches quickly I am ready to take on this challenge with my fabulous younger (and beautiful) friends!  Thanks for letting me cheat. Bring it on…

1.  Mark off 30 vineyards from the map

2.  Buy a home
3.  Travel outside of the country
4.  Get a puppy
5.  Take a cooking class
6.  Volunteer my time
7.  Attend 3 races
8.  Lose 5 lbs
9.  Run 3 miles without stopping
10.  Attend 3 bikram yoga classes
11.  Donate half of my clothing
12.  See my niece and nephew at least 3 times a month.
13.  Watch an old classic movie
14.  Go out on the water at night
15.  Do something having to do with heights
16.  Pay off all credit cards
17.  Save $2,000.00
18.  Try a new form of fitness
19.  Go fishing…(FINALLY)
20.  Go to two museums in DC
21.  Paint/draw two pictures
22.  Watch a sunrise
23.  Go to an outdoor movie theater
24.  Fall in love again
25.  Drink wine outside next to a fire
26.  Go to pole fitness again and join Masters
27.  Hit quota 5 times
28.  Try 4 new recipes for juicer
29.  Host a family dinner at my house
30.  Try 5 Pinterest Crafts and 5 Recipes
31.  Go out with just my sister
32.  See a sporting event in another city