Sing, Sing a song!

I finally faced my fear of singing a Karaoke song at a bar in front of a crowd of people!
I did have the help of alkey-hol , my hubby, and friends in the audience… (Carrie and Mark)
My song of choice was Total eclipse of the heart… a classic is you ask me ūüôā
I almost backed out at one point but thought “No I have to do this, it’s on my bucket list”

As you can see in the pictures, I was into the song!
In my mind everyone in the in the bar was singing along!
It was a blast even though I know I sounded like a dying cat.


No Longer Living With My Parents


We finally did it! We closed on our house as of YESTERDAY! Codi and I own a townhouse in Leesburg VA. We celebrated with Mimosas and Lunch…and then we got a Costco Membership…very domestic of us I know.

After the wedding we will have to buy some furniture and move in and then we will be able to have a house warming party!!!!

dolla dolla BILLS Y’ALL


I live to tell the story of my bachelorette party… it was a bit dicey there for a bit, wasn’t sure I would survive… With the help of some amazing women I not only survived but had an amazing time!

My cousin and Sister did a bang up job with planning a fabulous trip to Atlantic City for much needed Mayhem in the end of August. I was not allowed to know any of the details which I really enjoyed not having to plan anything.

Right from the start I was welcomed with booze, balloons, streamers and oh so many penis decorations… what more could a girl want, right?

Friday night we went to a Hulk-O-Mania where I got the DIVA package… how do I put this…. IT WAS AMAZING.¬† Think Magic MIKE and then a bit wilder… I will let you use your imaginations.

Saturday we recovered at the beach and then rallied for a night on the town. We went to Haven, a night club in the Golden Nugget and danced and drank the night away.¬† Lets just say it took me a solid week to recover from 2 nights of partying with these ladies. Good times… and so many pictures I Can’t even post….

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife..sherry has a gun in her hand!


I wanted to see what it would feel like to shoot a gun but the closest I had ever come to this was my brothers beebee gun.  They make it look so easy in the movies and I wanted to feel the power between my hands.

My friend from cross fit happens to work for the NRA and she HOOKED IT UP! Codi and I went to the head quarters in Fairfax and were set up with the ranger manager, guns, endless bullets and a coach for a few hours for FREE.

We got to shoot a 9MM and an AR-15 , that’s right I was holding an Assault Rifle with a scope on it! Turns out I am a¬†lousy shot with the 9MM, I kept closing my eyes and shooting the ground.

When I got to the AR-15 it was ON like Donkey Kong… zeroed in on the head and went for the kill shot. The instructor¬†actually asked if I¬†aimed for the head on purpose….YEP.

I wish I could have taken a picture while I was shooting but that was strictly forbidden. While in the range it sounded like 4th of July fireworks were going off right next to my head. We had a secret service agent testing his weapon right next to us and MAN was that loud.

Overall it was a great experience and it made me want to try again. Lets just hope an intruder doesn’t break into my house b/c unless he is lying on the floor completely still I am sure to miss…

Sherry Moeser’s List- Bring it on BABY

I am excited to see what we can all accomplish in the next year! I see that a few of us have some list items in common… I am looking forward to sharing this adventurous year with such a fine group of ladies!



  • Buy a House
  • Survive my Bachelorette Party
  • Get Married
  • Start Learning Spanish
  • Get back to weighing in the 120’s
  • Try to stay in the Zone diet for 3 months (minus weekends)
  • Get my passport updated and get a stamp in it
  • Try the 30 yoga challenge
  • sing a karaoke song on my own (that terrifies me)
  • 1 arm handstand for 5 seconds
  • do a standing back tuck on my own AGAIN
  • wake up and see the sunrise
  • Take a salsa class
  • Shoot a gun
  • Try Paddle Boarding
  • Visit my Birthplace (Lake Placid)
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Try Trapeze Class
  • Do Ellen Dance Dare and get it on video
  • Visit Yosemite
  • Try all the recipes that I have pinned on pintrest
  • go on a honeymoon
  • go to a topless/ nude beach
  • Try Snorkeling
  • Do a kip from the ground
  • Plan a all out 30th Birthday party
  • Road Trip with Codi
  • Plan a trip to do the blob
  • use all my groupons and living socials before I buy more.
  • Be able to change a tire on my own car